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March 13,  2020 OPINION


Coronavirus comes to Springfield

Well, we of course all knew this was coming. For weeks were were told of the "inevitable" spread of this Flu like-Virus. So, it was no surprise to learn of our first official infection, just yesterday.  What has however surprised me is the community reaction to the news. As if they many had never heard of this illness headed our way, just as those who hear Tornado Sirens and do nothing, pandemonium has erupted. Panic buying and chaos has ensued and there seems to be no end to this behavior in sight, as the stores, Walmart and Sam's Club included, have completely run out of even the most basic of necessities. From toilet paper to sanitizer and many food items, to deodorant and tooth paste, it is a no-man's land out here.  It is perplexing that so many have not at al prepared, in-spite of the countless, public warnings. Yet, here we are. The question remains, what will become of the small business like ours? The Restaurants and places where people gather? In fact, there is not an industry or profession that is likely to remain, unaffected. From our individual standpoint, we are survivors and we care very much about our community. Today, we instituted a policy, whereas, each of our employees has been mandated to wear a mask, as a barrier against infection. This saves our customers from worry and allows us to continue to deliver service to those who trust us each day. We have also decided to temporarily offer delivery services within two miles of the Restaurant, certain hours of the day. That is, we believe that bringing the food to the customer where the customers feels most safe, outweighs any inconvenience or other obstacle to our restaurant.  We are with you, because we are SPRINGFIELD STRONG. We love each of you in our community and wish you a safe and happy journey as we all recover from this virus.


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